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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Jazz Jubilee in Sacramento Airport - Pastor C Myles YoungIt had been quite a trip. A short-tempered ticket agent, long security lines made longer now that I have to go through additional screening since I have this bionic knee implant. Then we sat on the tarmac for an hour in the heat. Whew! What a flight! Finally, we landed in the fertile valley that is my home. I gathered my things, exited the plane and headed down the escalator to wait for my luggage at the carousel. Nearing the ground floor of baggage claim I heard the melodious sounds of a live jazz band. Suddenly, my day changed, I made my way toward the music and there to my surprise and pleasure was a jazz band from Hungary that is in town for the annual Jazz Jubilee. My spirits were lifted. I looked around at weary travelers with goofy grins on their faces as we forgot about our bags and were lost in the music of the moment. As I tore myself away, I muttered to myself...."It's good to be home". Now I am back in one of my favorite coffee houses and I am thinking about people coming back home. The scripture says that heaven rejoices when a sinner comes back home. I can almost hear them playing now. Think about the weariness of those life travelers that have been away from God for so long. Only God knows what they have had to go through to get back. I say we need to strike up the band and let the songs of celebration ring out so sweetly that they forget all the baggage they brought with them. I know, we still have stuff to take care of and bags to unpack and to put back in order, but for a little while let's enjoy the music.
(Just some musings from a minstrel who's feeling kinda sappy tonight)

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Bells & Whistles

Bells and Whistles - Myles Young BlogOn mother's day I took my wife and mother-in-law to a nice restaurant downtown. We were having a great time enjoying the atmosphere, food and ambiance when suddenly the fire alarm went off and the emergency lights started flashing. It went on for 10 minutes or so, until the fire department showed up. They climbed down from their trucks, dressed to fight a fire. During all the noise people who were passing by started peeking in the windows to see what was going on. There was a great amount of activity and noise, but THERE WAS NO FIRE! It was all just bells & whistles!
Revelation 3:1 gives us the account of God speaking to the church at Sardis. He told them that he knew their works. He said "You have a reputation for being alive, but really you're dead". The church at Sardis had a reputation for life but it was all "bells & whistles". There was a whole lot of activity, noise and even a crowd was coming to see, but there was no fire, no life, no real accomplishment.
God help us to not get so good at "doing church" that it becomes just bells & whistles. Busy with running programs but no life giving spirit in our midst.
Let's get back to what makes the fire fall. Let's not live off a reputation but God help us to walk in the reality of the Holy Ghost.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Afternoon Latte - Myles Young BlogJust sitting here drinking my sugar-free, vanilla, breve latte at the corner coffee shop. Across the room are 2 college students both studying at the same table. One has head-phones on, his head is bobbing to the groove while the other guy is muttering softly to himself (must be attempting to memorize something). Next to them are 2 middle-age soccer-moms discussing the issues with their young children. A baby-boomer just walked in and loudly is telling us why one candidate has no integrity. I am sitting here having just closed a meeting, not at my office but at the 'coffee shop" (the new gates of our cities). It is wild how our world has changed in just a short time. I remember reading several years ago where one leadership expert predicted this phenomenon. He spoke of the birth of the "third place" as a result of the break down of the home and the work place. He said there would be a great dissatisfaction with the home and the work place would begin to lose its place of satisfaction in the minds of people. His prediction is obviously correct as coffee shops are sprouting up as quickly as trailer parks in the 50's. I propose that this change in our culture presents a great opportunity for the church. People are looking beyond the American dream (a house, a car, a fenced yard, a good job) to meet the void that is inside of them. While "iced blended macchiatos" are refreshing they cannot give meaning for the soul. This is a day of great opportunity. Let's give the world a taste of the "world to come" and they will never thirst again.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Praying Hands - Myles Young Blog
Nothing moves God like prayer! Nothing moves a church like prayer! Nothing moves the world like prayer! For us here at TRC the month of May is a time of prayer and consecration. The entire month we are giving ourselves to extra prayer. We believe that God is going to show up and show off. James 5:16 "...the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much". Notice it does not say "droning prayer" nor "ritual prayer" but rather "FERVENT PRAYER". The word "fervent" is originally "energeo" from which we get our word "energy". Let our prayers be prayed with energy and not just out of habit. Prayer is not an item off the christian "to do" list, but is to be a conversation with our Creator. The word "availeth" = to wield power. It is on our knees that we can operate in the dimension of spiritual power and athority. So, lets see what God will do if we will "humble ourselves and pray" this month. I invite you to join us throughout the month as we stir up the gift that is with in us.
Please let us know about the things that happen as a result of your prayers.

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