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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Communion at The Rock Church - www.mylesyoung.comLast night was a very special night at TRC. It was a night of communion and footwashing. Personally, I look forward to these nights as there always seems to be a uniqueness to these services that touches me deeply. There is a unity takes place that is so important. I watched as brothers knelt at the feet of another brother with tears rolling down their faces as they prayed for one another and committed to serve one another and my heart was filled with an overwhelming sense of love for the body of Christ.

The apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthian church concerning the Lord's Supper. Evidently the secular culture of Corinth had begun to pull at the foundation of the church and the caste system of the carnal community had brought division to the body. The wealthy class of the church had begun to gather earlier than the working/poor class and had mingled the Lord's supper with "dinner on the ground" (maybe the first pot-luck church dinners-lol). They had divide themselves according to "the haves" and "the have nots". The communion service had simply become a ritual of remembrance. It was almost like a "toast" to a great hero of the past but they had lost the real purpose of the communion service.
Paul informed them that even though they claimed it to be a spiritual gathering it was not making them better but rather they were gathering and making themselves worse. The point was to recognize that the work of Christ's death was to produce a church (the body) that would accomplish his mission. He said that we are to look back to his death until he come. Notice the past, present and future of communion.

The Past.
We look back to his death and ask the questions: How he died? Why he died? For Whom did he die?

The Present.
As we take the elements of communion we are to look around and recognize that Christ died to produce this group of people that we are communing with. The good, the bad, the ugly, the rich, the poor...we are all part of this body. (Corinth had missed this part)

The Future.
Till he comes. Our Lord is coming again and we have been given the responsibility of the great Commission. That brother or sister standing next to you is part of the team that God has brought together by his death, burial and resurrection.

So, as we commune we look back, we look around and we look to the future and recommit ourselves to Christ, to one another and to a lost and dying world.

Thank God for the Body of Christ!

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Monday, December 21, 2009


Pardon me for interrupting your holiday internet browsing again but I just wanted to post a little note for a couple of frustrated visitors to my blog.
Don't get frustrated that I don't post all of the comments that you provide in response to my postings.  My blog is not a forum.  I do enjoy reading what you send even if I don't post it all (Even if we don't agree). I am honored that you take the time to even visit. 

God bless everyone,

Merry Christmas
Disneyland at Christmas - www.mylesyoung.com
Christmas has begun! I am so pumped! This is my favorite time of year. Family, friends, food, singing, parties, unique church services, candles, presents and and a whole lot of fun. This year we are fulfilling one of Sheila and London's life-long dreams...We are going to Disneyland for Christmas. It is going to be crazy fun at the "Happiest Place on Earth" with all the grandkids. (Pray for us parents).
Mom & Dad, Paul & Marlys, Monte & Olga...it is going to be a blast.

To all of my friends I hope this is the best Christmas ever. I know for so many of you 2009 has been a very difficult year...but guess what...your still here!
God is not through with you yet! 2010 is coming! Let's agree that it will be a year of breakthrough for all of us.

I love you all

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Inspiration on the Web

Hopefully we are all aware of the dangers that are on the internet, but lately I have been inspired by a couple of things on it. A while back someone recommended that I start following Missionary J B Lambeth on twitter. I am not much into the whole twitter ..."I am going to the store now" mentality but I am interested in what ministry trends and ideas are so I took the advice. I do not know J B Lambeth but let me say, his tweets and his blog have become a real source of inspiration and even conviction over the last 2 or 3 months. If you want to wake up each morning with a little spiritual nudge to go with your regular dose of Java then join those of us who are followers of twitter.com/jblambeth. The man has a definite burden for Brazil. Some day I hope to meet him.

I am also recommending www.apostolicnews.org

Baumeister & Coskun have recently launched this apostolic news site that I regularly check up with. I understand they are looking for reporters and writers. Hearing a lot of good things about this particular website and even some cool things for the future. Going to be exciting! Shout out to Baumeister & Coskun!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

TO TRY MEN'S SOULS - C Myles Young

To Try Men's Souls by Newt Gingrich - www.mylesyoung.comSo what have you been reading? They say (whoever they are) that we will be the same people 10 years from now that we are today except for the people we meet, the places we go and the books we read. People, places and books change us! I love to read and as a result I come across some pretty interesting books but ever once in a while there is a book that knocks my socks off. The latest one to do this to me is "To Try Men's Souls" by Newt Gingrich. Yes, the very same political figure with strong opinions. I don't know a whole lot about his political agenda but I will tell you, the man can "sho nuff" write a good historical novel. I was so impressed by this book. He tells the incredible story of the Battle of Trenton through the eyes of George Washington, Thomas Paine and a fictitious young boy caught in the storm of the American Revolution. This book moved me to tears at one point. I could not put it down. The Battle of Trenton was a strategic struggle in the fight for independence, but sadly few of our citizen's have ever even heard the story. I highly recommend this book, especially right now in this Holiday season. The Battle of Trenton took place on that cold December 25th, morning of 1776. As you read this novel you will inspired to take a stand as Gingrich moves his characters through the long wintery night of struggle and pain toward that great hope of liberty. If you are looking to give someone a gift that will be a blessing, then go pick up "To Try Men's Souls".

Happy reading and Merry Christmas!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

What They See Is What They Get!

We are living in a unique age. We are called to spread the gospel to new generation. Sadly some are pounding the pulpit and railing against what they believe is a generation that is hopeless. I will admit that ministry to this post-modern generation can be frustrating and at the very least challenging, but I do not believe it is hopeless. I would like to go on record and say "This generation can be reached". I know, the "en-vogue" thing for a 41 year old preacher at this point in the post is to attack organized religion and point out all the warts and blemishes of particular church movements and their traditional services. Before you get worried that I am rushing to buy a pottery wheel and candles for my acoustic alchemy worship set, relax, I am not going there! lol... But I do wonder if some of what is being preached is being drowned out by what this generation sees in the lives of Apostolics?

In too many cases what is being said is not being matched by what is being displayed. Remember this is a "visual" generation. This description is not just a statement about video screens and strobe lights added for effect in some kind of optical worship experience. This generation "sees" first, rather than listening. This is one important reason that we must "display" the truth that we preach. People have grown tired of mere words. "Our use of the Bible is analogous to our use of language. We indwell it rather than looking at it from the outside. But for this to happen it is clear that this 'indwelling' must mean being part of the community whose life is shaped by the story which the Bible tells"(Lesslie Newbigin). In other words, what we preach has to be made visible!  WHAT THEY 'SEE' IS WHAT THEY 'GET'!

The Christ message must be preached and "lived out"...clearly! Graham Johnston in his book "Preaching To a Post-Modern World" states, "It is essential that the preacher not fall into the trap of being wishy-washy with a watered down message. People who have tired of uncertainty will be seeking straight answers". This generation is swift to recognize whether or not the message matches the life. They are not afraid of our doctrine...if our lives match what we say we believe. I am proposing that the apostolic church is poised to be the recipient of this generation's gaze. Let us recognize the need to "shew forth" this glorious gospel. This generation needs to see a church on fire, filled with the Holy Spirit and excited about what has brought us out of darkness. There is no need to be intimidated about our faith, our doctrine, our separation, our worship or our service to the Father. Square your shoulders, hold your head up, step out and demonstrate God's provision and love. It is the only way that this generation will receive it.


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

the anonymous

Just a quick note in response to an "anonymous" visitor.  They took issue with me using a quote from Gergen. I am well aware of who he is and while I do not endorse him I did appreciate the quote. He has been quoted by several that are espousing "new church" philosophy.  I used the quote in response to those that are walking away from relationships with friends, family and sadly even away from commitments that have long been apart of relationships with God.

Thanks for dropping by the blog, I hope that it makes you think.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Carnival Christianity

I have been amazed lately at how quickly people walk away from what has been so dear to them. I have watched men & women walk away almost callously from their families. I have watched as people removed themselves from the friendships that took years to establish in just a few moments. Even sadder is to see people throw truth away under the guise of spiritual freedom. Experts tell us this is part of the "post-modern" mentality. If it is then my heart is broken for the coming generations that will feel the negative effects of such temporal decisions of the present generation.

There seems to be a blurring of reality. This is why the "virtual world" that the internet provides has become so popular. It is reported that social networking has now replaced pornography on the internet as the most used activity. People are creating "pseudo-relationships" with people from the past and with total strangers, people they would never even be interested in talking to in a real-time relationship. This blurring of reality makes the mind "...a switching center for all the networks of influence"(Jean Gaudrillard). This generation is being bombarded by many influences but is failing to maintain strong personal distinctives and the result is a blurring of truth.
Kenneth Gergen states that in the present condition of "decentered self", confusion will reign and "without external standards and without internal standards there is only cynicism, panic and freefall"(The Saturated Self").
When the moorings that have held generations strong are pulled up...long term commitments become a thing of the past. "Instead of long-term commitment, the postmodern self just moves onto the next game, to the next show, to the next relationship"(Middleton and Walsh) "This is the nomadic self, on the road with the carnival"

I am watching spiritual carnival teams start up very often these days. Their well decorated "carny" buses pass me by on their way to yet another empty lot in the seedy part of town. Bright lights, party music, cotton candy sermons (lot of fluff & color but not much nutrition) and a different crowd every night. Nomadic ministry....their christianity is a journey searching and chasing. It seems to be the new cool trend to be "searching" but "finding" is totally out of date.
I guess this is why I see so many "Rolling Stones"....just walking away... They see themselves as pioneers but sadly they just seem to be "wondering nomads" moving from tent to tent.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kids and Disneyland

Have you ever noticed that a child's excitement is contagious? This past weekend I was at a party with several young couples and their small children. All of us adults were talking and laughing and having a good time when 2 little girls came running over to me. They had just returned from Disneyland and they wanted to tell me all about it. In just a few moments we were all caught up in the sweet joy of their description of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. I watched the beaming smiles of the parents as their kids told the tales of the trip to Disney.

This week I have been thinking about the joy that our Heavenly Father must get when we tell others about what He has done for us. The sincerity and openness of those 2 cute kids touched all us that were gathered around. No wonder Jesus said "Suffer the little children to come unto me" and "except you become as a little child...". I experienced firsthand the power of a child's influence...it made me want to drive to Anaheim and take my family to Disneyland!

Lord, I pray for simple child-like faith and sincerity that brings a smile to your face.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Love On Display

Last night was a night I will not soon forget! I saw and felt an incredible heart moving response to the needs of others by the wonderful people that God has allowed me to pastor. I told the story of the the "Good Samaritan" with some supporting scriptures concerning sharing what we have received with those that have need. In a way that I cannot describe the sweet presence of the Lord filled the tabernacle. Our bus ministry director (Jennifer Pelton) had presented the church staff an opportunity to help the 170 children that ride the bus every Sunday. At the conclusion of my message, I presented the opportunity to TRC...I was blown away. People surged to the front to adopt a child from the bus. We all committed to pray, love and give them a gift this year for Christmas, but also to build a relationship with these children.

I could not hold back the tears as I thought about the love that was being displayed last night.

James 1:27
"Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world."

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am sitting in a coffee house this morning drinking my "sugar-free vanilla soy latte"(I miss my carmel frap)...and I started looking around. The paintings in this place are pretty weak. Probably done by local art students or bought at one of those summer sidewalk art sales downtown. Besides that 1/2 of them don't even make sense....oh well, I guess that's "post-modern" art.

Is it just me or have any of you ever wondered if coffee shop managers go to a class on buying/playing terrible music. Wow! pretty bad this morning! Some of these singers should have kept their day job...oh that's right...they never had one!

I am looking at a chinese tree of some sort (my botany skills are a little lacking) that has been used to decorate the little sitting area next to a huge sign advertising lottery tickets. This is some quality decor!

But....I am here! And there has been a steady stream of people coming through the door. They make a good cup of joe and they are friendly folks.

Just thinking about the business of the kingdom. It may not be the fanciest or best decorated church in town, the music may not be the most cutting edge of the latest worship project from some weird haired praise band....but the real deal is "CAN YOU GET JESUS THERE"?

Jesus is the thing that they are looking for and the only way they will see him is through you. So make them feel loved, give a smile and handshake, and let them see how much you love Jesus and their will be a steady stream of folks coming "taste and see that the Lord is good"

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