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Friday, February 8, 2008

Think about the Kingdom

Worship @ The Rock ChurchIn that beautiful passage of scripture we call "The Lord's Prayer" is a very powerful statement not only for praying but for living. "Our Father, which art in the heavens,
Hallowed be thy name... (let your name be made holy...)
Thy kingdom come...(your kingdom be established...)
Thy will be done...(let your will be performed...)
These clauses are not complete thoughts without the closing statement "On earth as it is in heaven". This is a pattern of how we are to live. We are to live on earth in such a way that His name is made holy, so that His kingdom can be established in our lives, in order that we may perform His will just as He has designed it for us. Give this a thought as you go through you day. Is my life representing the holiness of His name? Are my actions helping to establish the kingdom of God on the earth? Am I performing the plan of the Father today?

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