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Friday, June 19, 2009

Earning Respect

I am sure by now many of you have read or at least heard about another embarrassing moment by one of California's senators. A particular military officer was being interviewed by a committee and was asked a question by a certain female senator. The officer responded and in the course of speaking he respectfully called her "Ma'am". Barbara Boxer interrupted him and demanded that he refer to her as "Senator" instead of Ma'am because she had earned the right to the title. While I was trying to figure out how she earned the title (she was elected) my mind began to think about truly earning respect. I am sure that "Senator" Boxer was trying to gain the upper hand in somewhat of a heated exchange and was trying to establish a level playing field. It must be a little intimidating sitting across from this big strong, effective, experienced and well decorated man in uniform on national television. So I am sure she was using some type of strategic debate verbiage to rattle him but her attempt fell flat and only resulted in making her look even smaller and more intimidated.

Respect cannot be demaded....it must be earned. I have listened lately to many "johnny-come-lately's" who are shouting their revelations, wisdom and answers from blog-land. It is interesting to me that most all of their revelations have to do with deconstructing the faith of their fathers. They seem to be attempting to establish some new something (who really knows) upon the heaps of ruin (destroyed by their own hands) while demanding the attention and respect of the rest of us. Is it just me or is anyone else a little confused by their pomposity with so little accomplishment? As we used to hear growing up "there is no corn in the crib".

Leadership is about respect but it cannot be demanded it must be earned. Sure, if you have an office or position or badge etc. you may can force your agendas on people for a season but somewhere things are going to begin to break down. People look for leaders whose lives have produced greatness.

Just some musings from the minstrel this morning as I thought about the craziness of the world we live in. Try and earn some respect before pontificating your greatness upon the rest of us.

(I think I need a latte....maybe it will make me a calmer and gentler soul this morning)

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