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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Calgary - One of my favorite places

Calgary Alberta Canada - www.mylesyoung.com
City of Calgary Alberta, Canada - www.mylesyoung.com
To all my friends on the northern border, I am coming to Canada this weekend. I am excited about heading back to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Calgary, Alberta. The only thing more beautiful than the Rockies in the distance beyond the Calgary skyline is the King family and Truth Church. The Kings are my extended family and I am looking forward to laughing talking and being touched by their incredible ministry. I am pumped to get to see the newest member of the family. Mark & Star, can't wait to see ya. Pastor King I can't wait to see you in a pair of cowboy boots...! "Nan"...you are now a grandma'...wow!

Truth Church, you are a special bunch of people and I am looking forward to ministering in song and word this weekend?

P.S. Somebody tell Joey Tomatoes I am on my way!

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