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Friday, June 13, 2008


Komodo Dragon - C Myles Young Blog"Divers Rescued", the title of the news article caught my attention this past week while I was checking my mail and getting my morning latte. 5 divers had been missing for several days off the coast of Indonesia. I did a double take as I read the harrowing account of their survival and rescue. They were evidently diving in a place where 2 seas meet. It is a place of unseen currents. They drifted into places that they never imagined. They wound up on "Komodo Island" which is a sanctuary for Komodo dragons. These creatures can bring down large animals by themselves and are flesh eaters. I read the account of these 5 men's fight for survival. Together they were able to fight off one of these dragons. Thankfully they were rescued before they were over powered by these beast, who often hunt in groups. As I was reading, I thought of friends of mine through the years that drifted into the deep, where unseen currents and trends brought them to shores and places they never imagined. Sadly, too many have been consumed by the dragons that make these lonely islands their hunting grounds. Be careful with drift....the current can shipwreck you. God help us all in these deep troubling waters of life and ministry. Beware, THERE ARE DRAGONS LURKING ON THE SHORES OF THE DEEP. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHERE THE CURRENT IS TAKING YOU!

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