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Monday, April 14, 2008


Confrontation - Pastor Myles Young I woke this morning and read that one candidate for office stated that scriptural account of creation is unable to stand up to scientific inquiry. I had not even had my coffee yet, so it didn't set real well with me. How have we become so arrogant? We profess ourselves to be wise but we reveal how foolish we really are. I couldn't help but wonder this morning what God would say in his interview of such "gobblety-gook". Somehow I want him to say something like, "Such hubris doesn't measure up to Godly inquiry". If I was God I probably would say "Get a life" or something real juvenile that would reveal my inadequacy for the "Ruler of the Cosmos" position. But after coffee & prayer & study of the word, I think I heard him whisper something about "love" and "whosoever will". Isn't it amazing that God just keeps on loving and reaching in spite of our resistance, ignorance and arrogant self-promotion. Throughout our lives this week we will encounter co-workers, fellow-students, friends and family who may espouse similar beliefs of such statements that filled the web this morning. Often I want to lash out at such nonsense, but today in study and contemplation I felt a desire to "love" and reach with "compassion" to those that do not understand what the Spirit of God has revealed to me as a believer. I do not have to defend the Bible. I am supposed to "live" out the scripture.

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