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Monday, March 3, 2008

Cry of Lost Humanity

The Cry of Lost Humanity - The Lost Lamb - Pastor Myles YoungCan you hear the cry of a lost and dying world? Grab your wrist and feel your pulse...with every beat of your heart another soul dies and enters eternity, never hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. My soul is heavy this morning as a read the news and check my email. Everyone is busy in the kingdom but how many have we really saved from hell.
The scripture teaches that we are to bear fruit and that we are blessed to be a blessing but how many people that sit on our pews every week have ever one a soul to Christ? We get so caught up in the pull of the American culture and work our fingers to the bone to have nice cars, houses, toys & vacations.
Please don't misunderstand me, I love the very same things and do my best to have a good life, but I feel the Holy Ghost pressing me this morning to remember the "cause". We are to preach this message of truth to the lost and convert the sinner. Anything short of this is a case of missed placed priorities. As you go about your day and week look for opportunities to share Jesus with the world.
I challenge you to win one soul to Christ this year.

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