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Saturday, March 1, 2008


Tonight something very funny happened to me. I was sitting at a local coffee shop with 4 men from my church. We were discussing current issues and generally having a good time when I remembered that I was supposed to be at choir practice to rehearse a song for our upcoming NO LIMITS conference. I called "Ben" our music director (who was in the middle of choir practice) to find out what time he wanted me there for my song. Someone answered the on the other end, so I assumed it was "Ben" so I said "Hello, Ben....can you hear me?". I could hear music in the background as the choir practice was in full swing. So I called louder, "Ben", "BEN", "BEN"... about that time I heard the voice of my wife say "Hello" , so I responded quite loudly "Hey Baby!" Suddenly the 4 men at the table began to laugh because all they heard was me ask for "Ben" and then I said "Hey Baby". They got a good laugh but to make matters even more funny there were 2 ladies passing by the table that had heard the whole thing. You should have seen the look on their face. This is a humorous example of how our perceptions can be very wrong. When you only have partial information you can form an opinion or belief that could be very far from the truth. The scripture warns us that it is "folly" or "foolish" to judge a matter before hearing both sides of the story. Lets take this little story as a reminder if you don't have all the information, then as a rule DON'T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS.

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