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Monday, February 11, 2008

My Sunday Worship

Worship at The Rock Church - Sacramento, CA Well Sunday has come and gone. The choir robes are back in the closet, the sound and lights are turned off, the church is dark and silent and another week has begun. So what did you glean from your worship experience? Did you just go through the routine of church as usual? Did you encounter God today? Did the Spirit give you direction? Did you recognize the call of the Spirit? Or was it just another Sunday where you went to church, sang a few songs, heard a sermon, then went and ate with friends? How many of us really touched heaven on Sunday? What if God was providing something we needed to carry us through the week? How sad would it be to have made all the efforts to go to church but never receive what God had for us. This week make it a priority, next Sunday I am going to touch God and God is going to touch me, then watch how much better your week will be.

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