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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

From The Grand to the Grind

The Grind - Pastor Myles Young BlogWell, my traveling days are over for a while. No Limits, Israel, France, Canada, Branson...all these foreign countries have me worn out. It is good to be home. Back to normal life. Well, as normal as my life ever is. We sometimes say "Back to the grind" with a negative bent, but I am not feeling any negativity right now. It is good to be back doing the daily work that makes the kingdom of God expand. The conferences, the crusades, the world-changing events only exist because of "daily faithfulness". I believe that the hope of the world is the "local church". The daily stuff is not near as fun as all of the high profile things that we want to be a part of. Peter was in one of those "cool" mountain-top events and wanted to stay and build 3 temples to dwell in, but Jesus said "No....lets head back down to where real life is...." This is where real ministry takes place, in the everyday existence of faithful obedience.
If you are frustrated because nothing glorious or invigorating is happening to you, just keep being faithful and the "grand things" have a way of showing up.

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