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Musings of the Minstrel

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Youth on Mission

Here is a picture of part of the team of young people that hit the streets on Saturday.  They did a great job.  As a result of the young people's efforts there were several people that came to the crusade on Saturday Night.  One of the young men had one flier left and started not to pass it out as it was time to leave but decided to try one more time.  He approached a man and introduced himself and invited him to the crusade. A few hours later the man walked through the doors and was in the altar and was placed into a Bible study.  Thank God.

I am excited to report that 9 people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost during the Youth on Mission Crusade.  If you were unable to participate then start making plans to be a part of the YOM to Chicago in August.  Thank God for young people who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.