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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tuesday Night Revival Service

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Last night there was a Holy Visitation at TRC. The power of the Holy Ghost fell in a mighty way. From the very start of service there was a sense of expectancy. People came to church last night planning for God to show up and He did. I watched one particular couple, who have been through the valley of the shadow of death and have fought some of the deepest, dark and demonic battles that I have ever heard of, worshipping God. They were smiling and dancing in the presence of the Lord. I began to weep as I watched them celebrating their God even after all they have been through. I couldn't help but say "Take that Devil, you hit them with everything you've got and they are still dancing".

The Spirit of God is our source of strength. If it has been a while since you lost yourself in worship, then reach for His presence today. No matter what you are going through, He is still on the throne and He is willing and able to help you in your time of need.

Draw near to Him while he yet may be found.

It's Revival Time1

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