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Friday, February 13, 2009

Just Me and Boss

My son is driving! I am now assigned to the front passenger seat whenever we are together. Pray for me that God will keep his hand upon me. I went to bed last night thinking about how quickly time goes by. Life is a vapor. I wondered to myself, "How much longer do my son and I have together...like this?" This has been on my mind quite a bit lately, due to the fact that I am attempting to raise 2 teenagers. I know, for some of you this is old news, you have been there and done that, but for me...what can I say? It seems like the days and weeks just fly by...man its only 10 months until Christmas.

So I have decided, however long I have the opportunity of a son at home, I am going to make it count. We are going hunting, we are reading our Bibles together, we are taking long drives into the mountains, we are making knives (don't tell Sheila that we are wrecking the garage) and we are HAVING A BLAST!

Too all of you that have kids still at home, don't get so busy that you fail to spend the good moments with them. Make a mess, break something, fix something, go somewhere, build something, read something...it won't always be like it is right now while the "cats in the cradle"

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