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Monday, July 13, 2009

Lessons from an old Man

Pastor C Myles Young and PaPa King - www.mylesyoung.com Pastor Young and PaPa King

Last night was one of those nights to remember. I ministered yesterday at Truth Church in Calgary, Alberta Canada singing at the annual Stampede Sunday Concert. Following the event I was invited to the King home where Pastor King gave Ruth's Chris a run for her money from his back porch grill. We laughed and went down memory lane with Mark and Matt. PaPa King (Johnny Kings dad) and Pastor King told stories of I.H. Terry while "Nan", Star and Kelsey were taking care of 'Vinnie'. Moments like that are special but there was one moment that will forever be stamped upon my memory....

Following the meal, I logged onto TRC's website to check in on services at home. Mark and I began to watch Bishop Wilson preach His classic sermon "The Cows". Before long, Pastor King and PaPa King had pulled up a chair and the 4 of us were soon in the flow of the message. As Bishop Wilson began to preach about Samuel's mother being separated from her son because of the will/call of God...the weight of the sermon was almost tangible in the room where we were sitting. I turned to PaPa King and asked "What was it like for you when Johnny and Judy left it all and came up to Canada?"
I will forever remember the look in his tear-filled eyes...he uttered 3 short words..."IT WAS ROUGH"

Oh, the feeling after all these years of an 81 year old father still remembering the burden of a son surrendering to the will of God. PaPa King your eyes and words spoke volumes to me. How proud you must be now to walk into a packed-out church built from the efforts of that Son that cast out into the deep of God's will. How proud you looked as you held your first great grand-child. I watched the smile on your face as you watched your grandson (Mark) minister on the stage that was built by the burden of your Son....

I learned a lot on this trip to Calgary...and it was taught by an old man from Bakersfield.

God bless "PaPa" King!

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