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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Philippine Crusade

Philippine Crusade - Pastor C Myles Young BlogI have just returned from the Philippines. We had an incredible time in Tagbilaran on the island of Bohol. There is a great group of believers on the island. My family and I were part of a crusade team of about 30 or so from the USA and Canada under the direction of Pastor Stephen Buxton. On Friday night I recording a new P&W project live in the Philippines. I brought the band and back up singers with me and we were joined by the choir from Bohol who blew our minds. Thanks also to "Men of Judah" for helping us. We will be releasing this project after the first of the year. Keep the Philippines in your prayers. Such a lovely place with beautiful people but so many more need to know that Jesus Christ is the answer. I was moved to tears as I stood at the "Church of the Black Nazarene" as people crawled on their knees to kiss the feet of an ebony statue, praying that this idol could somehow help them. The Philippines has been blessed with great revival through the years but the need is still staggering. Please join with me in praying for God to strengthen the believers there and to bring another great wave of revival to the Philippine islands.

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