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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Decision to Come Back

Brett Favre - C Myles Young BlogBrett Favre wants to return to the NFL. This has made national headlines in the last week. I don't normally make comments on my blog about things that really have so little meaning in the scope of real life, but this situation brought to mind some other people I have dealt with in my years of ministry. Favre evidently regrets the decisions that he made that took him off of the playing field and now he wants to come back. He wants to come back on his terms. Who knows what the Packer organization will decide. It looks like they will not release him to do it his way but crazier things have happened in the hedonistic sports world. My point with all of this "meaninglessness' is, I know many people that have made decisions to walk away from the church. They stated all kinds of reasons that were very important to them (at least that is what the pontificated) but the road didn't turn out so great. I have talked with so many that would love to get back in the flow of things in Christ's kingdom, but they are not willing to come on God's terms. There is no area of compromise with God...you're either for him or against him. Sure, He will take you like you are but He won't leave you like you came. If you are reading this and have contemplated coming back to Jesus, don't fight the process. Just yield to the word of God and surrender to His beckoning. His grace is enough for you to make it back. It won't be too hard. It just seems that way on the outside. I promise it's better back in the fold, so come back home. We love you and we've still got a spot in the starting lineup.

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