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Friday, July 31, 2009


Shepherd - www.mylesyoung.comHarold Bell Wright wrote the great classic "The Shepherd of The Hills" many years ago and what a story it is. This tale of love, mistakes, bitterness, anger and forgiveness has touched so many people through the years. At the center of the story is Dad Howitt...."the shepherd". If you haven't read it, you owe it to yourself to take the time to read it. While revisiting this story recently, my mind went to the role of shepherds in the scripture.

Shepherds are found everywhere in the scripture... I began to think about their significance and what they represent! When one goes down the path of scripture looking for shepherds, one cannot help but notice the sheep. We are the "sheep of His pasture" and we are in need of a shepherd.

The "throw-it-all-away" version of Pentecost doesn't care for shepherds. Oh, they like their blogosphere spiritist , and their "web-celebrity God experts" but an old-fashioned shepherd is not of much value (I don't think goats like shepherds either).

Running with people that do not like shepherds is to associate with quite a list of undesirables. Remember in the OT, where the scripture said that "to the Egyptians ALL shepherds are an abomination"...wow! Think about that a moment!

Do you remember the time that David was about to fight Goliath and Saul wanted him to wear what was "relevant" (lol). Hey, it made sense to Saul....oh, I forgot....he was no longer in proper alignment with God....hmmmm! David said said "I can't wear this stuff" and took it off. Have you ever noticed what David did? The first thing he did was...he picked up his "shepherd's staff". Look again at the old story of David & Goliath...what did Goliath mock? He took one look at this young man coming toward him and said...."Am I a dog to be chased by a staff". Goliath recognized that it was a shepherd coming to confront him. The giants that we are presently confronting are no different than Goliath of old. They still mock the shepherd.

Think on these things while "disposable Pentecost" is mocking the out of touch garb of the shepherd!

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