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Musings of the Minstrel

Monday, November 9, 2009

Evening of Worship

It's Monday morning and I am sitting in a little indie' coffee house enjoying my sugar-free vanilla, soy latte and reminiscing about last night's "Evening of Worship" at TRC.  The place was packed, the music was pumping and there were guest everywhere.  Before it was over the Holy Ghost was so thick you could almost cut it with a knife.  It was a night of remembrance for all of us here at TRC. When it was all over we hung out in the coffee shop and fellow shipped with choir and guest that had come.  There was a family that had never been to our church before who came up and introduced themselves with these huge smiles on their faces.  After we exchanged pleasantries they brought their older teen-age daughter over and the dad told me that she had just received the Holy Spirit baptism.  I turned to introduce myself to her and as I did I thought, something different was happening here!  When she opened her mouth to speak to me, I instantly understood.  She was still caught up in the Holy Spirit....She could not speak in English.  The family was ecstatic with joy and all the young lady could do was smile and rejoice in tongues.  This was 30 minutes after the service had ended.  WOW!  What a God!  There is nothing like a sovereign move of God's presence.

I want to give a big shout out to our Minister of Music - Ben Vandiver.  Thanks to you and the music team for a job well done.

Thanks to "VISION" for coming and ever more singing up in TRC!  We love Gerry & Genny Mallory and Matt & Tishana Jones"

Also, we were privileged to have Evangelist Barry Claiborn in the house.  Thanks for sharing with us..."To be convincing, you must be convinced"

Last but not least, to all TRC....you are the greatest church on this planet....LOVE YALL BUNCHES!