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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Pastor and Sis Young and Family - C myles young blog

Where has time gone?

It seems like only yesterday that my kids were in diapers! I blinked and they are staring me eye-ball to eye-ball! What happened? I was their age yesterday...or at least it seems that way. Now my knees don't work as good, my back aches, I need new glasses, my clothes aren't as cool as they used to be, I buy shoes for comfort instead of how cool they look. Man, I must really be getting old. (At least that is what my kids tell me). I LOVE IT! I love raising teen-agers. One reason is they make good "Rook" partners. Vacations are a lot more fun (I don't have to carry them through Disneyland). When I get old I am going to make them push my wheelchair through "It's a small world" 75 times and I am going to holler just to get them back. I love this stage of life in my home. It brings back so many memories. Watching them become, though painful at times, is fulfilling. I see them falling in love with Jesus for themselves and developing their own personal relationship with Him and it thrills me. I know that we can focus on the difficulties of these times of transition in our families but let's not overlook the joys that only come in these times. So, if you have teen-agers give em a hug and tell em your proud of them and then go kneel down and pray for strength to lead them through this period of their life.