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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Jerusalem - www.mylesyoung.com
Have you ever wanted to visit the land of Israel and walk the same paths of Holy Scripture? Well, you can make it happen. Come go with me! My good friend Ron Walls and I are returning to Israel in November 2010. We will be leaving the USA on Nov 2. If you are interested in joining with us call my office 916-689-7625. The contact person is LeSharon. All of you E-group guys (and wives) give us a call and get your name of the list. Pastor Wilmoth and other pastors are going to be joining with us as we take this journey through the pages of the biblical past. There is no better guide than Ron Walls (this will be his 57 trip to Israel).

Caesar Hotel in Tiberias
I promise you, it will impact your life forever. I went 2 years ago and I wish I could go back every year. That how much I enjoyed it.

Don't wait, start the process of planning now. Don't get old and wish you would have gone!

(Picture is of "Caesar Hotel" in Tiberias, on the Sea of Galilee, where we will be staying)

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