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Monday, November 16, 2009

Book of Isaiah - My Personal Devotion

Prophet Isaiah - www.mylesyoung.comIn my personal devotion and Bible study I am studying the book of Isaiah. The deeper I have gotten into this book the more sobering it becomes. The first 3 chapters provide the sad account of Jerusalem's moral and spiritual collapse. I guess what is so sobering is to see so many similar trends taking place all around us. The new issues are really not new at all but God's people have struggled with these things since the days of the Isaiah. I know this is not a fun filled post this morning but my heart is stirred. As I drove through the streets of a city with no apostolic church and prayed for the Lord of the Harvest to anoint us to accomplish His will, I couldn't help but think how much of the harvest is being missed because the laborers can't figure out who they are.
Instead of work be accomplished in the vineyard...there is fighting at the cottage about how the vineyard should kept.
Maybe tomorrow my latte will stir me to joy and excitement, but today this Pastor's heart is heavy with the reality of where so many are headed.

May God help us all!

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