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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Inspiration on the Web

Hopefully we are all aware of the dangers that are on the internet, but lately I have been inspired by a couple of things on it. A while back someone recommended that I start following Missionary J B Lambeth on twitter. I am not much into the whole twitter ..."I am going to the store now" mentality but I am interested in what ministry trends and ideas are so I took the advice. I do not know J B Lambeth but let me say, his tweets and his blog have become a real source of inspiration and even conviction over the last 2 or 3 months. If you want to wake up each morning with a little spiritual nudge to go with your regular dose of Java then join those of us who are followers of twitter.com/jblambeth. The man has a definite burden for Brazil. Some day I hope to meet him.

I am also recommending www.apostolicnews.org

Baumeister & Coskun have recently launched this apostolic news site that I regularly check up with. I understand they are looking for reporters and writers. Hearing a lot of good things about this particular website and even some cool things for the future. Going to be exciting! Shout out to Baumeister & Coskun!

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