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Monday, October 6, 2008

The E Group Gathering

E-Group Gathering - C Myles Young Blog
E-Group Gathering2 - C Myles Young Blog
E-Group Gathering3 - C Myles Young Blog
This past weekend was the first annual "E-Group Gathering" in Redlands, Ca. It was an incredible time of young men coming together to seek the face of God and to strengthen one another. In case no one has mentioned it lately, there are some really great young men out there that are full of faith and that are doing exploits. I was moved watching as young men began to pray for one another. There was a supernatural touch of God that was evident from the very beginning of the meeting. This group of young men really know how to pray. Between each speaker there was quite an extension of fervent prayer where the presence of God was almost tangible. I heard comments from many that this meeting was life-changing. I want to give thanks to all of the staff that worked so hard to make us feel welcome. Especially, Brandon Wilmoth, thanks Bro.... . Bro Wilmoth, Bro Urshan, Bro Calhoun, you guys hit it out of the park. Thank you for letting us hear from God. I want to let all of you know that Pastor Calhoun has extended an invitation to host another "E Group Gathering" in Texarkana. "It's Tongue Talkin Time in Texas".

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