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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Busy Day

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Whew! I am wiped out. This has been a crazy day. We worked all day preparing for the recording tomorrow night and as I was preparing to leave to get something to eat, I got word that one of my horses was giving birth....
I rushed home and got there in time to see the beauty of birth and watch the spectacular beauty of a mother taking care of her newborn. It never ceases to amaze me how God so masterfully created and designed life to bring forth life after its kind. God is amazing!
It was important that I establish a relationship with this new born horse immediately. It is called "imprinting". I waited until she was up on her feet, to assist her would be detrimental to her growth and development. She had to learn to stand on her own. When she found her balance, I moved to her side and began to talk gently and to put my hands all over her. I let her smell my hands and my breath thus "imprinting" her with who I was. I will continue this process everyday for several months and watch a relationship build.
I could not help but think about how God establishes a relationship with us. Sometimes when we feel like we are all alone and we are having difficulty standing...God is allowing the struggle to make and shape us. When we finally struggle to stand, he draws near to us and breathes his life and strength and identity into us. As he draws us close....he nurses us and gives new life to our spirit. It was a beautiful life lesson this afternoon....but I am glad it happened today (Saturday) and not tomorrow.

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