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Musings of the Minstrel

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We have arrived in Delicias. We got in late last night. We landed in Chihuahua and then we crossed the lonely desert in the darkest of night (sounds like a novel). It was quite an experience. We were out in the middle of nowhere when we came upon a truck that was parked blocking the road and there were several men  standing behind it.   Paul and I looked at each other and said "Get ready"... talk about an adrenalin rush. As it turned out they were just broke down and pushed their truck out of the way and we made it in to town.

 We found a hole-in-the-wall taco shop....Oh my word! Unbelievable tacos. (Don't you wish you were here?)

Since we have arrived, we have learned that our coming here is more important than we realized. Some of the pastors that we are meeting with have not yet been baptized in Jesus name. We are going to be teaching them. These pastors are coming believing that God is going to give them a new revelation. Pray fervently for us. This could be the key that we are searching for.

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