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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Something Bigger than you - pastor myles young blogRecently I have been thinking about the words I heard Elder Charles Grisham (no relation to John) say years ago. He stated to a group of young preachers and pastors, "Do something everyday that will outlast you". Wow! This is really working on me. Isn't this what we are supposed to doing? Think about how much our life is spent working on stuff that really doesn't amount to a hill of beans (never figured out what that meant). How much energy, talent, time and money do we spend on temporal things? How much better would our personal world be if we just spent a little time on the things that will outlive us. Things like; our kids, our church, our spouse, our friends, our communities. I am currently reading a book that drove me to my knees early this morning. It is entitled Revolution in Missions by Dr. K.P. Yohannan. As I read a portion of this book today, I was overwhelmed by a sense of how little time we spend trying to save the world. Is there anything more important than the souls of lost humanity that will live forever somewhere (heaven or hell). Lets spend time today working on what really matters.

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Monday, February 25, 2008


Hey everybody! Help me get the word out. NO LIMITS WILL BE BROADCAST LIVE, MARCH 5-7. We will be doing a live testing this coming Sunday Morning and Sunday Night, live from the Rock. You can watch the webcast by clicking on the new link that will be provided on therockchurch.org site. We have a new format and a new company that we are excited about. We anticipate this being a new level of quality. We are also planning on going live on Sundays following No Limits on a regular basis if everything works the way that we are hoping it will. Spread the news, its going to be a great conference.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Live Broadcasts

Join us every:

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Liberia Revival

Liberia Pastor Myles YoungBro BJ Wilmoth just returned today from Liberia. I spoke with him briefly. He was pumped up! 152 people received the Holy Ghost at the conference he preached. Some incredible things took place. Lord willing he is going to check in and give us a "KINGDOM" report after he gets over his jet-lag. Pray for the Stewarts as they continue to lead the revival in Liberia.

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Monday, February 18, 2008


World Missions - Pastor Myles Young - The Rock ChurchWe sang, we danced, we cried, we partied and we gave. It was World Missions Sunday and what a time we had. Bishop John Wayabire form Uganda was with us here at TRC. Much of the congregation dressed in native clothing from various countries. It was a sight to behold (Some of them I am not sure what country they represented, looked like the flea market). It was a total blast, but it was also a place where we submitted our will to the will of the Holy Ghost. There is a planet on course for eternal judgement and we are the ones who hold the key to grace that will set them free from the curse of sin. Let us never forget the words "for whosoever will". What can we do this month to help propagate the gospel to a lost and dying world for after all this is what our purpose is.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Samoa needs a Savior

The beautiful islands of SamoaI was thrilled to be invited to go preach a crusade in Samoa. What an incredible place. The only thing more beautiful than the island was the Samoans themselves. They treated me with love and acceptance and received the word of God gladly. Dr. Baumeister and I had the time of our lives. It was a great crusade and many were filled with the Holy Ghost. I look forward to going back soon. Bro & Sis Blunt have invited me back sometime so I would love for some of you to go with us for another crusade. I am working trying to get on the radio in Samoa (God may be working something out) so keep Samoa in your prayers.
I filmed a "God Quest 2" video while we were there. You will get to see the country as well as some the results of revival breaking out. Just click on The Rock Church link and you can watch the clip. There is a great need in Samoa for property and a building. Maybe God will speak to someone that views the web-site.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Canada's in the House

Canadian Flag on Pastor Myles Young BlogHey everybody, I just wanted to give a shout out to all of my brothers and sisters from the beautiful nation of Canada. Why don't some of you drop us a line and let us know what God is doing across our northern border. It is good to have all of you on board. It is revival time in Canada.

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Monday, February 11, 2008


MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE "INNOVATE" LINK. This is going to be a great time. Let all of your music friends know. I really think that "Innovate" could be come one of the most influential music venues in America. This is the first year and already so many have pre-registered. It is not too late to hook with "Innovate", just click on the link below. Check it out (turn your volume up, there is a great song playing).

Innovate Conference at The Rock Church - Sacramento

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My Sunday Worship

Worship at The Rock Church - Sacramento, CA Well Sunday has come and gone. The choir robes are back in the closet, the sound and lights are turned off, the church is dark and silent and another week has begun. So what did you glean from your worship experience? Did you just go through the routine of church as usual? Did you encounter God today? Did the Spirit give you direction? Did you recognize the call of the Spirit? Or was it just another Sunday where you went to church, sang a few songs, heard a sermon, then went and ate with friends? How many of us really touched heaven on Sunday? What if God was providing something we needed to carry us through the week? How sad would it be to have made all the efforts to go to church but never receive what God had for us. This week make it a priority, next Sunday I am going to touch God and God is going to touch me, then watch how much better your week will be.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Think about the Kingdom

Worship @ The Rock ChurchIn that beautiful passage of scripture we call "The Lord's Prayer" is a very powerful statement not only for praying but for living. "Our Father, which art in the heavens,
Hallowed be thy name... (let your name be made holy...)
Thy kingdom come...(your kingdom be established...)
Thy will be done...(let your will be performed...)
These clauses are not complete thoughts without the closing statement "On earth as it is in heaven". This is a pattern of how we are to live. We are to live on earth in such a way that His name is made holy, so that His kingdom can be established in our lives, in order that we may perform His will just as He has designed it for us. Give this a thought as you go through you day. Is my life representing the holiness of His name? Are my actions helping to establish the kingdom of God on the earth? Am I performing the plan of the Father today?

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Flying Leap

Flying Leap Amish Airlines - The Rock ChurchLately I have received advice from several people concerning my ministry. I have been told that I am trying to be like the Amish and that I am throwing my ministry off the cliff. I am quite sure that their advice was offered in sincere love and concern so I thought this picture was fitting for the occasion. Hope this makes you smile a little. Lets not take ourselves so serious.

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No Limits - 08

No Limits - The Conference 08 The Rock Church - Sacramento, CA
Well we are only a few days away from the annual "No Limits" conference March 5-7. It is going to be a great time of fellowship and powerful preaching & teaching. The speakers this year are:

(Wed PM) - Larry Booker
(Thursday AM) - Nathaniel Wilson, Steve Buxton
(Thursday PM) - Tom Foster
(Friday AM) - Robbie Mitchell, Chris Craft
(Friday PM) - Sam Emory, Greg Godwin

Mark your calender. It is going to be powerful.

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Pastor B J Wilmoth goes to Liberia

LiberiaHey everybody my man B J Wilmoth is in Liberia. He is preaching a convention and doing some very exciting investigative work on a whole new open door of ministry in Africa. He is going to be meeting with a key leader of a large church that recently visited TRC. Send some prayer coverage up for him and his crusade team as they minister in Africa. I believe that Africa is ripe for the biggest apostolic revival in the history of the world. This is only the beginning. Bro Wilmoth is going to be checking in with me while he is there and I will be posting the results of what God is up to there in Liberia.


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Priscilla McGruder

Keep Priscilla in your prayers. The doctors reports look grim but somehow I hear someone singing "What once look like a mountains just a hill, from heaven's point of view" and "It aint over till its over". If you have ever been blessed by this singing family then spend a little extra time around the throne for their sake.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tornado in Tennessee

Please join with me in prayer for Rev Donald & Bridgette Lance. Their church was destroyed last night by the tornado that struck Jackson, Tennessee. He and his family were in the church with 3 other families when the tornado struck. They are ok but he is asking for us to pray that God would give him direction on how to lead his congregation through this devastating time. His faith is high but keep them in your prayers. I believe God is going to use this terrible event to somehow grow his kingdom.

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. This is a brand new venture for me. I hope that it will be a blessing to you. I look forward to our time together as we explore this wonderful kingdom that God has allowed us to be a part of. I want to hear from you. If there are particular kingdom subjects of interest drop me a line and lets see what we can learn together.

God bless all of you

Myles Young

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